Hey Guys! So summer is officially here and that means BLOG SEASON IS BACK, during the year it’s a lot harder for me to keep up on my writing because I have so much other stuff on my mind and barely any time to do anything like this! This summer my goal is to bring you guys back into those fun summer recipes, adventures I’ve taken with friends and what my bucket list for this summer is! Summer is those two months that are supposed to be filled with joy and smiles and sun and laughter and it’s YOU time, discovering what makes you a better person maybe discovering new hobbies and growing up, the summer is the break we get from our normal routine and it’s a change from the same people we see during school and when we go back we get to see how each one of us has changed! So, stay tuned for more fun recipes and adventures I’ve taken! MAKE THIS SUMMER AN AWESOME SUMMER.



EM ❤


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