What time is it? Oh yeah, Christmas break ðŸŽ„

Finally schools out for Christmas break!! I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be out until January fourth (well for me the fifth) and have a wonderful break! Even though we got homework which makes us feel like we don’t actually get a break it’s nice to just be with your family and do what you love. 


Things I love to do for Christmas break!:
– Ice Skating 

– Baking 🙂 

– Sleeping as late as I want

– Christmas Eve dinner! 

– Christmas morning ❤

– Going to see my mom

– Giving gifts 

– Christmas movies 

– Being with family/friends

Those are some of the things I love to do during Christmas and it’s a great time to make up for the long time you haven’t seen anyone, or to go out and do things you’ve always wanted to do!

As much as I do love to go to school I do like to have a break from all the stress and everything. I’m gonna miss my friends and two of my teachers, but they’ll have fun also!

Merry Christmas and go out and do anything and everything you want this break cause you earned it! 




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