Be yourself and LOVE who you are!

Be yourself darlinĀ because there is only one of you! These past few years I’ve been getting older and finding myself, the one thing I’ve learned is that everyone is pretty no one is not pretty, we may think so because of the people we see on social media that are “stunning” to us and we think we need to live up to their expectations because they have this many followers and they must have that many because they’re pretty. Well, no just no. Stop living up to what other people are like be yourself my goodness, yes i want to look like Aly Raisman and be her but that’s unfortunately not reality. Reality is, that I’m Emma Kenniff and that’s me. I’ve also learned to accept myself with or without makeup. Makeup yes makes me feel better about myself but if i have to go to cvs or something you best believe I’m not about to cake it all up on my face because, who is really judging you? We think people look at us and think wow she’s ugly or they look and say wow she’s pretty, but really people could care less or at least i could because, why should we care what other people look like or act like as long as they’re happy? We shouldn’t care, we live our own life and as long as we’re happy it doesn’t matter how much makeup we wear or the clothes we wear because we are HAPPY and being ourselves.

In school, a teacher asked me where is all your mascara and makeup, is something wrong? I said no I’m actually really happy today. It didn’t bother me because i usually do wear makeup to school and she’s used to me like that, but i felt like i needed a break because who am i trying to impress? Absolutely no one haha. Someday’sĀ i feel like putting on makeup because it makes me happy and I’m just being myself and being myself makes me happy ( even though being Aly Raisman would be pretty great).

So please, be yourself and no one else there is only ONE of you, and you get to choose who that one of you is.

img_3484Ā  Ā cropped-img_00171.png





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