How to relieve…….. soreness!

Being a gymnast and cheerleader really can affect your body in good and bad ways. Many times after a hard conditioning practice at gymnastics I’m very sore the next day and, the way my schedule works i have cheer, gymnastics, cheer, gymnastics and, never get a break accept on Fridays to just chill out. Thus, i came up with a few tips you could use to make your body not as tight and make it easier to function the next day so every move you make does not make you feel like screaming.

  1. STRETCH….Β now i really suggest that you take this tip into consideration because, even though it may be painful, believe me the next day you will Β be thanking yourself. Its a great way to loosen your muscles and prevent soreness for a longer period of time.
  2. HEAT….Β heat is also one of the best things you can do for sore muscles, as it increases blood flow to the muscle and that takes most of the soreness away. You do not by any means have to go out and buy a 20 dollar heating pad because, its not like you use it everyday. So, you can wet a cloth with water and stick it in the microwave for a few minuets or you can put rice in a sock and warm that up as well.
  3. FOAM ROLLERS…. Now, not everyone has foam rollers which is understandable because it is not a normal house hold item, but if you practice a lot and are very sore a lot as i am these come in handy. They are basically rolling pins made of foam, you just roll the muscle like you would to spread out dough. This is just another way you could increase blood flow to the area!
  4. CRYOTHERAPY…. This option is definitely one of the more pricey options, but also one of the most reliable ways to not be sore ( it also heals injuries) this is a machine you step into that is not exageratting -150 degrees to even lower temperatures, of course ask permission and ask your doctor if it is okay for you to partake in as it is like Antartica in winter times 1000. It could cost you 45-90 dollars which is very pricy but believe me the results are AMAZING, you feel like a new person when you step out.

I hope these tips help you and those hard to get through sore days because we’ve all been through them and they are not fun :(.




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