Everyday workout routine! 

This summer I have loved going to practice, whether it be cheer or gymnastics I loved it! Then it came to my mind, when I’m home alone on those boring summer days with nothing to do, and no way of transportation, I might as well workout at home! The first few times were always different, I never stuck to a certain routine, until the middle of the summer when I said “hey, let me make up and workout routine that would benefit work I do at practice!” So I thought I would share it with y’all, just incase  you are in need of a workout routine that will save u time, and the cost of a gym! 
1. 50 crunches 

2. 50 leg raises

3. Two sets of 15 push-ups 

4. 2 minuet mountain climbers 

5. 2 minuet plank hold

6. 1 minuet hollow body hold 

7. 10 burpes (with push-up)

( repeat 3 times) 

This should take you a max of 45 minuets!

Always remember to start off slow and monitor the amount or how long of something you do! Not everyone is the same, so do what’s best for you. 

I try to do this as much as i can and it definitely pays off! 

Hope it helps you out one day!




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