Love your momma💖

This post is about my mom! 

My mom is my best friend, my sister, my go to gal! She’s not only my mom but she is my mentor…. Yes like any other normal family (wait no we aren’t normal) we have arguments, fights, and get mad, but we manage to get through those tough times and work everything out. My mom buys me what I want because she knows it makes me happy. She pushed me to work hard in not only school but cheer and gymnastics as well. Without her I wouldn’t be in the place I am now, I wouldn’t be co-captain without her motivation to be better and push harder. I wouldn’t have over come many injuries without her by my side. I love her so much! I just want u all to remember the importance of loving your mom and remember at the end of the day she loves you and only for u being you. 🙂




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