¿High school?

High school….. What a time to be alive! I admit I was terrified of changing schools and meeting knew friends because I loved my friends I had but I knew the time would come when I would have to say bye. Well that time came about a little over a year ago middle school graduation, I knew I would miss my cheer team, my Spanish teacher Ms.Roit who I had a great relationship with, my English teacher Ms.Paese who prepared me for the hard road of reading ahead. Well fast forward through freshman year wow a lot has changed! Cheer was brought to a whole new level, Spanish became harder, I found out how I loved reading etc. I built a great relationship with a few of my teachers but mainly my English teacher Ms.Caceres! I never thought I would meet a such supporting person who doesn’t only care about her class and your grade but you as a person. Again she was one of those few people I could tell anything to, she made me love English, love reading and being more comfortable with myself and my outlook on life. I had some hard times when I didn’t want anything to do with anybody only my friends, mom and sister. We would talk a lot on how I could not necessarily be better but be more involved with everyone and everything. She changed everything for me and I’m so thankful!

The classes got harder for me and my grades got lower. Finals and regents and midterms suddenly became a thing 🙄.  Teacher got stricter I felt like no one understood how I felt because they all had these high expectations for a 99 averge but that wasn’t happening on my end. 

Towards the end of the year everything pieced together I put all my study methods together, did nothing but work and hey look at that I survived with the support of family, friends, and teachers! 

These were not ideal grades for me but now I know how to go into next year I’m prepared for everything! 

Highschool yea wow seems hard and all which it is but don’t be me just study study study and you’ll do great! 




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